When I watched this video from the Global Forum on Tobacco and Nicotine, it really struck a cord! I truly think David Dorn has hit the nail on the head. Vaping is so great, because it’s so pleasurable!

In my time I’ve tried all the ways to stop smoking. Patches didn’t work. The inhalator tasted horrible, as did the gum and the spray. As is the case for a lot of people out there the traditional smoking cessation didn’t work for me. I would last a bit, then I’d cave. Then came vaping, which tastes great and simulates what you got from smoking. Now I’ve been smoke free for two years. The key difference is I actually enjoy vaping – more than I do smoking.

Then not only does vaping taste great, with DIY you can mix 1000s of different flavours perfect to fit every taste. For me one of the best bits of vaping is getting to blend concentrates and experiment finding the perfect mix. I used to be a chef so mixing ticks all the right boxes for my nerdy chef ways – just adding to the pleasure.

If you want to get deep here, think about the philosopher John Stuart Mill. His philosophy is that the pursuit of the good life is  involved in the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure. This means that the spread of vaping is a moral goal, something that is clearly true.

Plus Mill said we are naturally wired to seek out pleasure as much as is possible. So it’s no wonder that vaping is taking the world by storm. It avoids the awfulness of smoking while giving so much pleasure.

So in short hurrah for vaping! Let the revolution continue.

All the best and happy vaping,

Callum Alexander

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