Mono Propylene Glycol

Mono Propylene Glycol or PG is one of the primary ingredients in the majority of e-liquids and e-cigarette cartridges today.  Most e-liquid contains at least 40% propylene glycol.  This is the ingredient that produces the smoke like vapour when the e-liquid is vaporised.

Propylene Glycol is much thinner than its counterpart vegetable glycerin (VG), meaning it produces much more of a ‘throat hit’ than a VG based e-liquid does.  Some believe this helps to stimulate the feel of smoking more.

All of our products are batch tested and comply with the requirements of the latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and the requirements of the EU regulation 231/2012 for food additives (Glycerol (E422)).

Available with a certificate of analysis and material data sheet upon request.

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Mono Propylene Glycol