Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is a considerably thicker solution, compared to propylene glycol.  On its own, VG has a slightly sweet taste which can also make your e-liquids sweeter and smoother.  You get less of a throat hit when using VG.  On the flip side, because of its high consistency, VG e-liquids produce significantly more vapour and does not cause allergic reactions or irritations as often as propylene glycol.  To get the best of both worlds, many vapers prefer a PG/VG mix, in different amounts.  This way, they get a decent throat hit as well as lovely thick white clouds of vapour.

The material is 100% vegetable derived.  Free from BSE/TSE risk material.  Our glycerine has not been irradiated. It is also free from genetically modified organics.

All of our products are batch tested and comply with the requirements of the latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia, USP and the requirements of the EU regulation 231/2012 for food additives (Glycerol (E422)).

Available with a certificate of analysis and material data sheet upon request.

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Vegetable Glycerine