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Why Vaping is Better than Smoking

With all of the attention that vaping has got in the media and society in general, it is likely you will have heard a hundred times from a hundred different people why it is that vaping is superior to traditional smoking. But then there is the other side, with people spreading disinformation, whether from a point of ignorance, or purposely to spread distrust of the industry. But what are the facts? What is it about vaping that makes it better than smoking? In this article, I’ve listed some of the important reasons why vaping is superior to smoking.

Vaping has got scientific backing:

More and more medical bodies and experts are in favour of vaping. Studies are coming out regularly singing the praises of vaping in comparison to smoking.

One study showed that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking.

Vaping helps people quit smoking

Vaping is quickly becoming the smoking cessation method of choice, with the older forms being left behind. Within Europe alone 6 million people have already used e-cigarettes to kick the habit of smoking tobacco. That’s 6 million people whose health is improving everyday they don’t pick up a cigarette.

Have a look at this timeline of the benefits of quitting smoking this can bring. 

Vaping has got far less harmful chemicals in it than smoking

Traditional cigarettes have around 5000 different chemicals in them. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, at least 30 of these are directly carcinogenic. Then if all of those aren’t bad enough, studies have shown that cigarette filters have tiny glass fibers in them.

If you compare this to vaping they’re in two different worlds! Propelyne Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are the main components, with flavour concentrates and nicotine making up the rest. The former two are known to be safe to ingest and nicotine itself is no worse for you than coffee – it is more addictive of course, but no more harmful.

Where you could possibly run into problems with vaping is in the flavour concentrates. Some of them have been known to be respiratory irritants. This is why at Everything Liquid we pay so much attention to the concentrates that we stock and only stock concentrates made specifically for us by UK company. We are always vigilant to ensure that all our concentrates are free from all known respiratory irritants. That’s why there’s no Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Diketones and Diacetyl in any of them.

The smell; The stain

Cigarette smoke smells awful and leaves a long lingering smell that stays on your clothes, fingers and breath for hours if not days. Compare this with vaping, which is either scentless or has pleasant smells of fruit, mint or sweets etc. Then as soon as it clears, the smell has gone. What could be better?

Then smoking also stains your teeth and fingers, which is again avoided with vaping.

The Price

With a packet of 20 cigarettes pushing for £7.00 nowadays there is a real impetus to change over to vaping, even forgetting the health benefits! If you compare 20 cigarettes to the value for money of vaping. On our site you can get a DIY for £32.99, which has in it 250ml of nicotine enough to last months! It really is a no brainer!

The Fun

Especially with DIY there is so much fun to be had from vaping. You can mix and try any number of different flavours – the only limit is your imagination.

What do you think?

If you can think of any other reasons why vaping is better than smoking, feel free to comment. It’s always nice to hear other people’s opinions.

All the best from Callum Alexander and the Everything Liquid team

Everything Liquid are wholesale distributors and retailers of of e-liquid manufacturing/DIY products, including:

  • Pharma grade nicotine, PG and VG;
  • UK manufactured safe to vape flavour concentrates;
  • E-liquid packaging including bottles, boxes and labels;
  • White label e-liquid and DIY supplies.

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  1. linda says:

    I tried everything to stop smoking I was on 40 cigs a day I tried everything but couldn’t kick the habit but now in have not had one in 4 yrs not only am I healthier so is my bank balance ty e cigs

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